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We’re not your average seafood company. Changing Seas is at the forefront of a revolution in production, practice, and taste. As pioneers in innovative aquaculture, we protect the environment and foster growth of wild fish stock. This is our mission and our passion. Seafood that is good for you, good for the planet — and great for your taste buds.

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Our Standards

Among the components monitored are farm siting and land use zoning; environmental assessments/reviews; concentrations of PCBs, TEQs (dioxins, furans, and dioxin-like PCBs), and mercury in fish; water quality; movement and quarantine of animals to prevent introduction of exotic species; processing facilities and local community involvement.

Our Products

Smoked Salmon

Norwegian Arctic salmon rich in omega-3s and antioxidants.

Fresh & Frozen Salmon

Firm, healthy salmon, grown in low-density pens.

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Changing Seas is distributed by Blue Circle Foods.
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