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Fresh & Frozen Salmon

Naturally wholesome seafood can only come from a wholesome environment. That’s why Kvaroy gives their salmon plenty of room to swim, clean surroundings, and healthy food to eat. And as we raise our salmon, we nurture them with care: keeping them safe, natural, and free from harm.

Kvaroy farmers use lumpsucker, a fish that likes to eat sea lice, which salmon face as a natural parasite. Our salmon are perfectly happy to let the lumpsucker eat sea lice off them. No antibiotics, hormones, or ingestible pesticides are needed. The lumpsucker swim freely in the nets, living in a perfect symbiotic relationship with the salmon. Not only do the lumpsucker eat some of the algae that build up, but with manual power washing of the nets we also avoid the use of copper sulfate.

Our marine stewardship also extends to how we raise our salmon. Our pure, nutritious salmon are carefully grown in healthy and humane low-density farms whose pens are suspended in pristine Norwegian fjords 500 to 600 meters (1,640 to 1,968 feet) deep. And we feed our salmon fish meal and fish oil that replicate their diet in the wild and that come from sustainable sources.

Certified in compliance with strict third-party standards – and tested and tracked to prove it, Changing Seas’ salmon is superior in quality and taste. We minimize ecological impacts and avoid use of toxins, antibiotics, and hormones. Our salmon is rich in antioxidants and omega-3s — and incomparable in flavor and texture.


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